September 11, 2017

Do you know what makes up your "core"?  Is it just your stomach muscles? No! It's a collection of many muscles that make up what is known as your "core"; these include muscles that are located around the lumbar region of your spine, also known as your low back. The mus...

September 11, 2017

You wake up, covered in a cold sweat and reaching for your ibuprofen. That all too familiar, but unwelcome pain starts to emerge from your lower abdomen, and you know you're headed for a long day of cramps, bloating and exhaustion. If you're one of the many women out t...

July 19, 2017

Ever find yourself asking questions like:

 - Why do I feel more tired?

 - Why does my body feel this way?

 - Has something changed with my hormones?

 - Why am I not feeling as good as I used to?

 - Is there something not right with my digestive system?

 - Why is my thinking...

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Aches, Pains and Strains...Oh My!

July 12, 2017

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October 2, 2017

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