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Corrective Exercise
What is corrective exercise?  Corrective exercise is a personalized fitness program meant to improve movement efficiency and reduce the risk of injury and pain.  By way of Static/Movement/Mobility assessments, our NASM Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist can determine which muscles are overactive, and which are underactive.  The specialist then sets up a program designed to stretch and strengthen the "problem" muscles respectively.  This form of therapy is all about customization, with the intent of meeting the patient where they are at in their own fitness journey.  Programs are set up to accommodate any fitness environment, whether a patient has no equipment at home or instead has access to a gym or center fully equipped with weights and cables. 
Who is corrective exercise for?  This therapy is a great option for anyone who wants to improve their body's function for their activities of daily living.  This can come in many forms; a patient may come in because they notice their knees bother them going up and down stairs, or they notice they have difficulty reach above their head to put household items away.  Another goal is to work on stabilizing the hips with the goal of reducing low back pain.  This program can also help athletes further hone their bodies to achieve their specific goals.
Who is corrective exercise NOT for?  Anyone who is currently suffering from a major injury or is recovering from joint surgery should consult with their physician before seeing a Corrective Exercise Specialist.  However, after physical therapy or other forms of treatment are completed, and a patient is cleared for other forms of exercise, they are more than welcome to begin a Corrective Exercise Program, which could be extremely beneficial for those who need a little extra help getting back to regular activities.

What is NASM?  NASM stands for National Academy of Sports Medicine.  They are a nationally recognized institution with programs that help healthcare providers become certified and specialized in personal training, corrective exercise, injury reconditioning, functional restoration, etc.
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