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Acupuncture For Labor Encouragement

Did you know that acupuncture can be utilized for far more than just pain relief?! For those of you women who are pregnant and expecting, acupuncture might be a very natural and safe way for you to help welcome your baby into the world.

Acupuncture For Labor Encouragement:

If you are at or past your due date, are hoping to encourage labor naturally, and have the approval from your primary care physician, acupuncture can be used at 38 weeks or after to promote the labor process. This helps the body to be in the best possible state for labor and delivery. Treatment is often very relaxing and helps to calm and ease the mind as well.

Below is a very helpful video from a clinic in Australia that explains acupuncture for labor encouragement:

Please note that the Acupuncture scope of practice does not allow for your acupuncturist to turn a breach baby or medically "induce" labor, or prescribe treatment for those purposes. Your OB is your primary care physician during your pregnancy, and if they agree to and approve assistance, our acupuncturist will be more than happy to assist you with your treatments, and even communicate with your physician on techniques and procedures that can aid in labor and delivery.

Recovery After Childbirth:

Post-childbirth is a crucial time to nourish and strengthen the body. New mom are often left feeling exhausted and depleted, and frequently experience a continuation of some pre-birth symptoms (such as back pain), and other new symptoms, such as night sweats, postpartum depression or decreased milk supply. Acupuncture, as well as other alternative care disciplines (such as chiropractic), can be helpful during this time. We encourage you to not only honor this time with your new baby, but work on regaining your strength and vitality as well, which in turn allows for more nourishment for your little one.

If you have questions at all about acupuncture related to fertility issues, labor encouragement, postpartum care, etc., please don't hesitate to contact us at 651-232-6830 and speak to one of our staff.

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