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Pregnancy Care and How We Can Help

First Trimester:

The first trimester of your pregnancy is a critical time in the development of your baby, and setting a healthy foundation is important.  Acupuncture during this time can help to alleviate the following:

  • Nausea/Vomiting/Morning Sickness

  • Fatigue

  • Low Appetite

  • Mood Changes

  • Headaches

Second Trimester:

As you move into your second Trimester, and baby continues to grow and develop, you may notice that some issues from your first trimester are persisting, or that completely new symptoms are developing.  At this time, our acupuncturists often treat expectant mommies for the following things:

  • Heartburn

  • Constipation/Bloating

  • Insomnia

  • Edema (swelling)

  • Hemorrhoids

Third Trimester*:

As you move into your third trimester, the body naturally begins to prepare itself for labor and delivery.  It is common at this time for expectant mothers to start to experience low back pain, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, pubic pain, varicose vein pain and swelling in the legs and ankles.  Both acupuncture and chiropractic care during this time can be highly beneficial in making these last weeks more comfortable.  Chiropractors often utilize the Webster Technique during this time, and as you get even closer to your delivery date, and along with the approval of your primary care physician, your acupuncturist can provide pre-birth treatments starting at 36 weeks gestation (see below).


Pre-Birth Acupuncture*:


 Pre-birth acupuncture is a simple and effective approach, consisting of only four acupuncture points.  This treatment helps to promote optimal positioning of the baby, improve circulation to the pelvis, and promotes cervical ripening.  It has also been shown in research studies to reduce the overall length of labor and need for medical interventions, especially epidurals, medical inductions, and Cesarean deliveries.  Research for this topic can be found at: 

38+ Week Treatment & Labor Encouragement*:

If you are at or past your due date and hoping to encourage labor naturally, acupuncture can help!  Along with approval from your primary care physician, acupuncture can be used at 38 weeks or after to promote the labor process naturally.  This helps the body to be in the best possible place for labor and delivery.  Treatment is often very relaxing and helps to calm and ease the mind as well.  

Recovery After Childbirth:

Post-childbirth is a crucial time to nourish and strengthen the body.  New moms are often left feeling exhausted and depleted, and frequently experience a continuation of some pre-birth symptoms (such as back pain) and other new symptoms, such as night sweats, postpartum depression or decreased milk supply.  Both acupuncture and chiropractic can be helpful during this time.  We encourage you to not only honor this time as you none with your new baby, but work on regaining your strength and vitality as well, which in turn allows for more nourishment for your little one.  This is a fantastic podcast that discusses the use of both acupuncture and acupressure during pregnancy and delivery:


Number of Treatments Needed:

Your acupuncture provider will advise you on the recommended series of regular treatments based on your individual needs.  Typically treatments are recommended weekly in the beginning stages of care (4-6 weeks), and then a wellness plan is recommended for preventative care to stabilize and manage symptoms (often every 3-4 weeks throughout pregnancy is ideal).


*Please note that the Acupuncture and Chiropractic scope of practice does not allow for your acupuncturist or chiropractor to turn a breach baby or induce labor, or prescribe treatment for any of those purposes.  Your OB is your primary care physician during your pregnancy, and if they agree to and approve assistance, your alternative care providers will be more than happy to help and even communicate with your physician on techniques and procedures that can aid in labor and delivery.

Other Resources:

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