In addition to the financial policies we have outlined in our patient paperwork, we have payment policies patients should be aware of.  If a patient's insurance no longer covers their care (i.e. they have maxed their benefits for the calendar year, their auto or work comp case is closed, etc.), we will offer a cash, time-of-service discount to services.  These are due at time of service.  See more information below in the "Discount" section. 

Co-pays, co-insurances, etc. are due upon service.  We contract with every major insurance company and part of our contractual obligation is to collect these amounts from patients.  Insurers also give us information that allows us to calculate amounts due towards unmet deductibles.  Those may be collected at time of service as well.

If a patient's balance exceeds $200 at statement, and no payment is made, we reserve the right to not allow an appointment to be scheduled until payment is made, or a payment plan arrangement is made with our facility.

  • The Natural Care Center of Woodbury strives to make treatment affordable to all patients, whether using health insurance or not.  For those patients who do not have insurance, or have exceeded their benefits for services, we offer a "time of service" cash discount.  Chiropractic patients receive a 30% cash discount; Acupuncture patients receive a 33% discount.

  • Health East/Fairview employees receive a 15% discount in our retail department.  This policy was in effect while we were located at the Woodwinds site, and we have continued this at our new location. Please present your ID badge or insurance card to receive your discount.

  • Passport members also continue to enjoy a 15% discount in our retail department.  Please present your ID card when checking out.

  • Active, retired, and veteran military, as well as first responders and law enforcement, receive a 15% discount in our retail department.

  • Our clinic does not have a cancellation policy for regular chiropractic appointments, but we do appreciate notice if it can be given.  Patients who frequently no-show for their appointments may be subject to a fee.  Patients who have significant or long-term outstanding balances may not be scheduled until a payment is received in full or a payment plan is determined.

  • Our cancellation policy for acupuncture, massage, and Graston appointments is 24 hours notice.  A cancellation of less than 24 hours notice will incur a $50 charge for acupuncture and massage.  Graston chiropractic appointments will incur a $25 fee.  We offer one excused missed appointment per year without incurring the fee in the case of extreme extenuating circumstances only.  Monday appointments should be cancelled on the preceding Friday.

  • Appointments for these services (acupuncture and massage) are often an hour or longer, and our practitioners are in demand, sometimes with waiting lists.  We appreciate our notice policy being followed. 

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