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We are pleased to inform you that we have in-network contracts with the following insurers. This means that if your plan covers chiropractic and/or acupuncture, you will have a higher rate of coverage when treated at our facility.

(Including United Health Care)

(This insurer does not cover acupuncture)

(Including SelectCare)

No health care coverage?
We have cash plans with generous same-day discounts!
Active care is defined as the phase of care where we try to relieve, correct, and/or stabilize a condition.
Maintenance/Wellness care is meant to prevent relapses and/or maintain a condition.
All insurance plans only cover active care. However, we view maintenance/wellness care as incredibly important to your health and well-being. Take advantage of our cash discounts to continue getting the care you need.
Contact us for your insurance questions at 651-232-6830  


Most insurers do not cover massage therapy unless for Worker's Compensation or Personal Injury with Prior Authorization and referral/medical necessity.
Helpful Information:
It is YOUR responsibility to know your plan benefits. 
While we verify that your insurance is active and do our best to determine all your benefits, it is ultimately YOUR responsibility to know your coverage and render payment for the services you receive.  Don't know where to begin?
  • First, read your health plan documents. If you need help understanding your plan, call the customer service number on your member ID card (often located on the back).
  • Our clinic will be identified as:





Insurance Information
Here are some questions you may want to ask your insurer to determine the extent of your benefits:
General Questions
  • Do I have a copay, co-insurance, and/or deductible?
  • Is prior authorization or notification required?
  • Are there any limits on the number of visits or services?
  • Are therapies covered (ultrasound, electrical stimulation, cold laser, cupping, etc.)?
  • Do I need a referral from my medical doctor? (Not normally required)
Chiropractic Specific Questions
  • Are x-rays and diagnostic imaging covered?
  • Are extraspinal adjustments covered (knee, elbow, etc.)?
  • Do I have coverage for custom foot orthotics (CPT code L3030)?
  • Is acupuncture performed by a doctor of chiropractic covered?
Acupuncture Specific Questions
  • Does my insurance cover acupuncture for my condition?
  • Do I need to notify my insurance that I am receiving this service?
  • Are only certain conditions covered?
Important Information!
Worker's Compensation
  • Report your injury to your employer immediately and complete required forms.
  • If you have already seen another doctor, you may need approval to change doctors or a referral to be seen at/by another clinic/provider.
  • Obtain the name of your Workers' Compensation carrier, claim number, billing address, adjuster's name and phone number.
  • Note the date of injury.
  • You will need to bring this information to your appointment.
  • Report your injury to your insurance company immediately and obtain a personal injury claim number.
  • Keep record of your claim number; accident date; and the insurance company's name and billing address along with your adjuster's name and phone number.
  • A referral is required for massage therapy.
  • You will need to bring this information to your appointment.
Natural Care Center of Woodbury
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