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Retaining Employment and Talent After Injury/Illness Network

The Natural Care Center is proud to partner with Fulcrum Health and the MN Retain program in helping workers get the care and support they need to get back to work!

What is MN RETAIN?

MN RETAIN is a new grant-funded program that helps workers who are out of work due to an injury or illness get back on the job promptly and safely. This is accomplished by providing early intervention strategies for employees to stay at work or return to work as soon as it is medically appropriate.

The MN RETAIN program opens the lines of communication between employees, employers and health care providers to allow injured or ill employees to return to work more rapidly by working with a RETAIN Return to Work Case Manager. The case manager will act as a liaison and can often suggest solutions to common problems that can needlessly prolong work absence and lead to job loss for employees and prevent unnecessary turnover for employers.  This is available whether your injury/illness is handles through Worker's Compensation or not. 

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How Do I Sign Up?

An employee with an injury or illness that limits their ability to stay at work or return to work can email: or call 507-284-4537 for more information.

For more information, visit:

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