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Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

with Dr. John W. Larson, DC

The Story is in Your Blood

with Dr. John W. Larson
If you've been asking yourself questions like:
  • Why do I feel more tired?
  • Why does my body feel this way?
  • Has something changed with my hormones?
  • Why am I not feeling as good as I used too?
  • Is there something not right with my digestive system?
  • Why is my thinking not as clear or sharp as it used to be?
The story of WHY can be found in your blood!

Equally important . . . the story of HOW to predict and prevent future health problems can also be found within your blood. 

It's time to be the author of your story.  It's time to be the creator of your health.

Join us for a FREE limited-time offer to learn the story that can be found within your own blood . . . made available to  you by local and national expert Dr. John W. Larson, DC and The Natural Care Center of Woodbury.  Dr. Larson has 20+ years of experience with Functional Blood Lab Testing, nutrition, and natural healthcare.  He also teaches and helps other doctors and holistic providers around the country on how to incorporate Functional Blood Lab Testing and Functional Nutrition into their patient care.

This FREE offer is only available for a limited time so you need to act fast!  Read below for the details!

A FREE Limited-Time Offer

Your story begins with knowing where you've been.


For a limited time . . . simply send in any results of blood lab testing you've had done from any clinic or location over the past several years . . . and we will create for you a FREE detailed and individualized report on your past lab results with easy-to-understand explanations and information that most doctors don't have time to tell you at a typical office visit.  We will then send this customized lab report to you by email for FREE through our secure and HIPAA compliant document sharing service so all your health information will remain secure and private.

Have you ever wondered why your doctor tells you your lab results are normal, but you still don't feel good?

This report will provide you with a more critical understanding of your blood lab testing results, and give you a better idea of how your body is truly functioning on the inside.  This type of evaluation is often referred to as Functional Lab Testing . . . where we are concerned about whether or not different areas of your body are functioning at their OPTIMAL range, and not just if your lab results are in the reference range provided by the lab. 


Most labs provide you with lab results that have a very wide range for their reference range of normal for their lab tests, but they do not give you a good sense of what is truly best or OPTIMAL for how your body should be functioning.  Without this understanding of what's OPTIMAL . . . many health problems are missed and people continue to suffer with health problems and don't feel good.


You will never look at your blood lab results the same way again!


Most medical providers look at lab results with the mentality of a light switch.  If a lab result is within the labs reference range . . . then the switch is "on" and everything is normal.  If it's outside the labs reference range . . . the switch is "off" and there is a problem.   But your health doesn't operate like an on/off switch . . . it operates as a range of function or in degrees of good or bad function.

This on/off light switch approach to blood lab testing works well to identify health problems that have been going on for a long time.  These are health problems that have reached a later stage, and sometimes the health problems and symptoms are more severe.  

If you want to identify a health problem or imbalance early on . . . you need to look at your blood lab results in terms of what is truly OPTIMAL (in the green range of the picture below) for how your body should function, and then you can more easily see when function is moving a little to the low or high side of optimal when health problems first start to develop.  Here's what we mean by functional ranges:







Once you see what you can learn about your body and your health with a blood lab report that focuses on function . . . you will never look at your blood lab results the same way again.  You will finally understand how valuable blood lab testing can be for understanding why you are not feeling good in the present time, and how powerful it can be for predicting and preventing future health problems.

Here are a couple examples of the Functional Blood Lab Reports we create so you can see what this look like:

Functional Lab Report - Example #1

Functional Lab Report - Example #2

Here's how to take advantage of this FREE limited-time offer:

  1. Simply send in your blood lab results to Dr. Larson at The Natural Care Center of Woodbury.  You can send them one of 3 ways:

    1. Email your lab results to:

    2. Fax your lab results to:  651-702-2636

    3. Send by regular mail to:  1740 Weir Drive, Suite 24; Woodbury, MN 55125

  2. Be sure to mark your lab results as "Attn:  Dr. John W. Larson"

  3. Make sure you include your email address so we know where to send your customized lab report to you using our secure document sharing service.  You will receive an email from a service called "LeapFile" and the email will have a link you will need to click on to download your report directly to your computer.

  4. Give us at least a week to create your report and send it to you by email.  If it's getting closer to 2 weeks then feel free to contact us to check on the status.  Make sure you are checking the junk / spam folder of your email program for the link to download your customized lab report before contacting us on the status.

  5. That's it!  No gimmicks . . . no hassles . . . no obligations.  Just free education to be more informed and to help you take better care of your health.

We look forward to creating this FREE customized report for you . . . and helping you to take more control over your health NOW . . . and giving you better information to work towards preventing future health problems!

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