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5 Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating

Worried about his holiday meals derailing your health and wellness goals? Here are some tips for staying on track.

1. Exercise. Create a calorie deficit by exercising. Better yet, make it an event! Go for a family walk, participate in a 5k with friends, or hit up a class at the gym before a big meal.

2. DO eat breakfast. While most people try to "save up" calories when they know they are going into a big holiday dinner, you will actually have more control over your appetite if you eat a small breakfast rich in protein and fiber. You will have more energy, and feel fuller, for longer!

3. Cook smart. Most recipes can be lightened up to reduce sugar, fat, and therefore, calories. Go online or visit Pinterest for ideas on how to cook your holiday favorites while still keeping your wellness goals in mind.

4. Eat smart. That bountiful table looks amazing with all that delicious food, but if you avoid foods you typically eat year round and focus on just your one-time-a-year holiday favorites, you can avoid extra calories. Watch your portion size as well! And be wary of holiday beverages, such as egg nog and alcoholic drinks, as they often contain extra sugar and calories.

5. Be realistic. The holidays are a time of celebration, and that often involves extra temptations in the food and beverage department. Perhaps during this time of your you shift your focus from weight loss to making smart choices and maintaining your current weight through the holiday season.

We at the Natural Care Center wish everyone a healthy and happy Holiday season!

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